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Play intelligence is about what is behind intelligence, together with intelligence and what changes intelligence.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

–Plato, Greek philosopher
Our future goal is to set up an international institution on Play Intelligence – a database platform that shares knowledge, expertise for the already developed countries including the emerging and developing countries to improve children’s welfare and educational standards.

”Who ever told you to think out of the box – You need to think out of the box, again and again, and then..again until there are no more boxes.”
-Play intelligence
Contrary to popular belief, play is not only process-orientated it is also goal-orientated and can do both at the same time. Play is both highly focused and strategic, and therefore, is the highest form of discipline. Children, and adults for that matter, who are denied the opportunity to play, lose their focus, their life strategies, and their discipline.
“Playing is not just for children, but can be implemented as a school of thought. Without play there will be no creativity, no innovation.”
-Play intelligence

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