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Welcome to Play Intelligence. We are interested in your view on play! How do we get a better understanding of play and play as an overall technic and method as an educational tool in our schools? This is a new site and we are still adding and puzzling together to make it as interesting and welcoming as possible – to get more knowledge and insight in what we do please follow Play Intelligence, we will add seminars, courses and teaching methods for the future.

Play Intelligence theories introduces a new way of thinking and it is revolutinonary in the way we introduce learning into schools and educational institutions. Our goal is to teach, coach and play – by introducing more play intelligence into teaching and learning we will get a much better understanding of children’s needs and and also encourage children’s learning. Play Intelligence supports children’s intelligence, needs, social behavior and creativity. Play intelligence discourage stress and isolation and supports interactive and responsive children, intelligent learning, all levels/high achievers and also inclusion . Play, creativity, social/coaching support and interaction is in our opinion the key to intelligent and balanced children. PlayIntelligence is a new pedagogical theory where play is essential for focused learning and also new coaching technic to develop children’s learning through senses and intelligence. We aim to share Play Intelligence and introduce the new theory in many aspects of children and teenagers life. Are you interested to make a difference – please contact :
http://playintelligence.com/contact/ or lizette@playintelligence.com
for more information.

We have exciting new teaching theories, seminars and training course dates in the calendar. If you are interested in hearing more please send us an email and join our newsletter: http://playintelligence.com/news/ or lizette@playintelligence.com