Play Intelligence Theory


Play intelligence is best understood from a position of unlearning what we already know about play and intelligence. Our knowledge about these two concepts may be advanced, normal, or mere opinion. But in all cases, as adults, in learning something new, we need to free up previously “learned” knowledge, opinions, habits, emotions, cultural distortions etc, so that we have the “open” space to understand something new.

The theory defines intelligence in a manner which will radically challenge our world view. Furthermore, it informs educational researchers and the general public of the importance of play.This is the only concrete model in the world which demonstrates the relationship between play and intelligence called “The Meta model”. Pioneering and innovative new research into Play Intelligence may turn out to be the most important theory on intelligence yet.

The Theory of Play Intelligence explains and demonstrates:

  • The building blocks behind play, intelligence, and human abilities.
  • The science of play and intelligence.
  • The importance of play for improving many of the brains functions.
  • The importance of playing with our newborn child.
  • How to improve human abilities.
  • Why it is important to introduce or reintroduce play in schools.
  • Learn to create play in different environments.
  • Effective ways in solving problems.
  • How to play with stress in stressful environments.
  • The higher values of play.
  • How to learn, and increase memory.
  • how to tap inner human resources to improve our lives.
  • How to improve intelligence.

Play Intelligence:

  • Shows the general scientific relationship of play and intelligence
  • Confirms the recent play research on neuroscience and the brain.
  • Explains the importance of the “code of play” between mother and infant.
  • Demonstrates the relationship of play to human abilities.
  • Gives meaning to the influence of play in education, society and culture.
  • Provides a series of examples of how to play under stressful situations.
  • Explains how to meta communicate with their environment.
  • Outlines how to contact the essential element of play within oneself and others.
  • Explains the interconnectedness of play in thoughts, emotion, and environment.
  • Creates a new world view of intelligence and play.
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