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Play Intelligence – The introduction seminar

We currently focus on leaders in business organizations, schools, institutes, training both psychologist, supervisors, teachers and pedagogues. Play Intelligence: as a tool for solving the institutional and individual challenges that leaders face on all levels (individual, group, institution, system) and as a tool for driving the coaching process as it evolves.

The Play Intelligence foundation program introduces Play Intelligence (PI) to all forms of institutes as a social technology to help bring about profound change in the educational approach to learning.

The focus of this method is on intelligence and play beyond the basic motor activity of the body in motion and deep into the cognitive mind activating the play brain and the consequent creativity and innovation flooding throughout the brain.

The possibility that all human beings are playing. In this program you will learn how to play like never before and transform your creative and innovative capacities into action within all levels of your life and how to connect to the deeper levels of your professional and personal life in order to become a more effective leader coach, facilitator and change-maker in your work environment. We encourage participants to attend in teams.

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