The New Paradigm


The established institutes of education throughout the West appear to be almost permanently in a state of crisis. Yet behind and between the headlines, there is emerging a new paradigm, which is challenging our professions to make a complete mind-shift regarding “how we learn”.

The introduction of computers, team building and coaching into the educational environment barely addresses the essential driving force behind this new paradigm. “Play is changing, and how we perceive and use play is changing. Play is already moving into the “mainstream” of our educational systems and whether we are aware of it or not, we are encouraging and embracing it. ”How do we recognize and measure this? What impact will this have on our professions, our society? Play is emerging beyond its own traditional arenas, and into areas unimagined a few years ago… A new Renaissance is emerging. New research is documenting this phenomenon and in the process is redefining our understanding of what is fundamentally going on with homo ludens. This new research focuses on the quintessential purpose of play. And points directly at an “intelligent” meaning in play, even to the point that play is intelligence itself.

The purpose of this website is to promote the research into play intelligence.

  • To share academic research at an international level.
  • To share ideas with researchers working with Intelligence.
  • To share with researchers studying Play.
  • To document educational projects working with play in educational environments in Europe North America and Asia.
  • To expand the traditional understandings we have around play and intelligence.
  • To design and apply practical educational techniques which encourage play in a learning environment.
  • To train teachers and educators how to use play at an optimal level in their communications.

This model was drawn up by international researchers in the year 2000, and in 2012 is already transforming the way we live our lives.

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